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Hannah Malone wants revenge for the killing of her brother. She knows the man that is responsible and she will not rest until he pays the price. Hannah is a special agent with the FBI and has been using an informant named Leo. His brother works private security as a bodyguard and is a tech genius that she could really use on her team.

What the Gambler Risks

Sabrina Smith is a self-help author and soon to release her third book. Things are going her way; her current book tour to Atlantic City is winding down, and she's ready to head back home to Henderson, Nevada. Feeling restless, she heads to the casino.

Handsome, brave, and clever Adam Coulter returns to England from Germany in 1645, sickened by the violence of the civil war there. Adam seeks peace and searches for a place to call home, but England itself is on the brink of Civil War. Neutrality is not an option and Adam finds that he must choose between the King and Parliament.

Private Investigator (Eddie) Shoes and her old friend Dakota haven't seen each other since high school when a horrific accident changed both their lives. Eddie dropped out of school and left town, creating a new life for herself. Nearly ten years later, Dakota reappears, calling from Bellingham jail and asking Eddie for help.  She needs someone to bail her out and find the person stalking her.

The MirrorMasters

Leah Ellis is found abandoned on Sea Cliff as a toddler. She grows up and leads a typical teenage life with her adopted family, friends, and fun.