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FANTASY/SCI-FI MASHUP:  Evryn has always known she was different.  Other people sense it as well.  Why else was she shuttled from foster home to foster home her whole life?  No one else she knows has the

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Vivian Flynn has left home to follow her dream of becoming a Hollywood star.  When she finds herself stranded in Las Vegas without her luggage or money, she needs to act quickly.  Help

M Pepper

Brynnde Archambault has no time for society life, preferring to ride and enjoy the gardens of her family’s estate.  She is therefore not amused when her mother organizes a house party, inviting the Sommer

For months Kimi Fairchild has served “Dr.

PARANORMAL:  Mei – The Girl with the Stars in Her Eyes – has killed the wind demon that murdered her father, but she now has an even more important mission ahead of her.  She and her companions set off fo