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SCI-FI:  Julip Torne has lived her whole life on the reservation created for the last inhabitants of earth by the god beings known as the Mezna.  A life-time of toxic storms and subsistent survival seems to be all there is for Julip’s people.  When she begins to express her doubts, Julip puts her own life and the lives of all she knows in danger.

Home for the Holidays
Christine Bell, Mari Carr, Allison Gatta, MJ Fredrick, Leigh James, Maggie Marr,
Erin Nicholas, Abigail Owen, Mandy Rosko, Amie Stuart

This collection of ten holiday stories will tickle the fancy of readers. There is a little something for all tastes: from a mistaken twin with unexpected feelings in “Switchblade”, to an unusual version of an old fashioned Christmas Carol. There’s the ‘almost’ perfect Christmas in “The Dog Who Stole Christmas” where the neighbor’s pooch finds an unsavory, discarded secret Santa gift.

Madame Tess’ tent was the first spot Josie and her best friend Reagan found to shelter them from a sudden downpour during a music festival. Madame Tess offered a free reading and stated that love would not come soon unless Josie bought her magic love potion. Reagan made the purchase and Josie decided to drink it. What could go wrong?

After serving his Majesty Henry VII in a battle to overtake the rebellion in Cornwall, Arsenius De Wolfe, a descendant of the great William De Wolfe, has earned the Bellesea tit

Edith Call put her dreams of a music career on the shelf to take care of her sick mother and raise her younger brother and she has been struggling financially ever since. When a dog-sitting job opportunity comes along, she leaps at the chance to make some extra money.