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Heiress Adelia has everything a woman could ever want, but she isn’t sure what she truly desires.  David has convinced himself that he cannot be an FBI Agent and maintain a relationship.  Miles is a cunni

Seneca’s Faith

Seneca is from the Delany Dare, and is one of the most pathetic of shifters - a latent and submissive.  She has endured the emotional abuse from her father, Rick the Alpha, and her sister (for whom, accor

One Heart to Give

The world of Dani Brosen has been filled with many hurts from the abandonment she suffered as a young child.  She has grown up in foster care and has walls in place to never let that kind of pain in again

Cinder the Fae
Rebekah R.

FANTASY:  Cinder lost the last of the family who cared for her long ago.

Tiffany Thompson has been madly in love with a very unreachable man, Todd Jameson.  She endures seeing him as part of her work and best friend's lives.  She secretly dreams of him while she continues her volunteer work as well as her job as a part time social worker.  Tiffany’s parents are very well off and her dad is a retired military man who runs a top national security company.  She is bein