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All Sydney Peele wanted to do after photographing her friend’s wedding was catch a cab and go home to a hot bath.  Instead, she finds herself being chauffeured home by a stern but undeniably attractive U.

Having three unruly brothers is bad enough; but when all three of those trouble-making brothers go missing at the same time it’s a nightmare.  Add to the fact that those three brothers are somehow linked

FANTASY:  A queen must be prepared to do whatever it takes to defend and preserve her kingdom.

Kat's Song
Sherry Fowler

Kat McKay's heart was broken and she has vowed to never let it happen again. She's not getting involved with men ever again and is convinced that she's never going to find true love.

Hearts Unloched

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Kate is an interior designer who can see dead people, which sometimes makes it difficult to do her job.