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Cassidy is newly divorced and looking for a new start. Not really close to her own family, her friend, Liz, offers a month in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where she and her daughter have a timeshare rental. Having nothing better to do, and no house to live in, she packs up and heads to the unknown. Griffin never planned on staying at the family ranch forever - he had plans.

One Small Chance

Isabel and Simon have been pen-pals since 9th grade. They don't use their real names (Amelie and Elliot), never exchanged pictures, and have yet to meet in person.

Icing the Puck
Isabo Kelly, Stacy Agdern,
Kenzie MacLir

This anthology of three novellas is about a fictional hockey team, the New York Empires, and in a twist, not one of the stories is about the Captain—though he is a character in all three of them.

EPIC FANTASY:  Terra-Dracon Demonhunter for the Order, Karian Vanador is back to face another threat to Cetaria - this time, a serial killer with supernatural abilities

Reunion for the First Time
K. M.

Lizzie Moran and Jack Clark both want one thing: to lift Jack’s brother Charlie from the morass of pain he has been trapped in since the death of his beloved wife Mari.  When Charlie makes a commitment to Lizzie that he can’t keep, he asks his brother to step in for him and so the reluctant couple end up going to Lizzie’s college reunion together.