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Bound by a time-honored oath, the Grail Guardians watch over the coveted Archives.  The knowledge it contains could destroy civilization if it were to fall into the wrong hands.  The Dark Brotherhood manipulates an officer of Queen Victoria’s Royal Army into underhandedly negotiating for land rights in Italy, which may

NEW ADULT:  When Mira Ross sees her three year-old son vanish into thin air, she and her husband Michael are forced to reactivate their gang of friends to chase their son into a place where reality is defined by the state of the person’s mind.

Between purple pigs and her mom “accidentally” setting yet another car on fire; Kate Saxee was beginning to question the wisdom of returning home to Branson Falls, Utah to work as a journalist and editor for the local news.

The Sorcery Code

FANTASY:  A powerful outcast sorcerer, Blaise has spent the last year of his life working on a special magical object that will allow commoners to use magic, but despite all his talent and skill something goes wrong.

Witch Song

FANTASY:  In an effort to force mankind to serve her, the Dark Witch Espen has captured all the Witches - all but one. Hidden by her mother, Brusenna was not trained as a Witch but as the last Witch, and on the run from Witch Hunters, she must learn and fight or be captured like the rest. Alone, Brusenna cannot save the world from the evil influence of Espen.