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LGBTQ: Doctors Alec Coimhead and Clemy Armistead are best friends, and they’ve just discovered the battleground of angels and demons. This discovery thrusts them both on the adventure of a lifetime, resulting in Alec needing a bodyguard. A rather handsome and mysterious bodyguard at that. As they travel the globe, they come face to face with mythical monsters and true terror.

By Promise Made
Susan Leigh

Hugh Cullane of Makgullane is about to lose his head! He only meant to steal a kiss, but Katherine Payne is no ordinary lass. Kit takes her position as protector of baby Mary, Queen of the Scots, quite seriously. When Hugh discloses that he brings a proposal from the English, it does him no favors. While Kit knows she should kill the messenger, her heart wars with her head.

Zhu Morgan is on a mission to save her friend Zoraida from an evil witch. For unknown reasons, Zhu can't be spelled by magic. That gives her the advantage as she sneaks around a Scottish castle with the help of a Russian witch to learn how to free her friend. It isn't long before she learns that Zoraida escaped, and when Zoraida arrives, the cauldron boils over.

CIVIL WAR ERA: With the bloody war over, Durksen Hurst is returning to his home in Mississippi with only two of the freedmen he'd fought with in a colored Union cavalry regiment, Antoinette, and a young boy. The rag tag group arrives in Turkle to find the devastation wrought by war, along with ugly racism that refuses to die.

Deborah Shelby returns home from the princess' court under a cloud of scandal. She is determined not to be a burden on her family, but prospects look bleak until Christopher Halland nearly runs her down on his horse. Christopher needs a wife if he wants control of his inheritance, and Deborah fits the bill.