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Rise of a Legend

TIME TRAVEL: Eva Mackay is a historical journalist. While investigating a dig, she is given a medallion and within the blink of an eye, she’s scrambling to save her neck.

One afternoon an old woman by the name of Signora Ginori receives a visitor. Her unexpected guest carries secrets meant only for the grave, not the spotlight. Some secrets cause a ripple if unearthed. Others, like Signora Ginori’s, could affect an entire country, if not history itself.


MAGICAL REALISM:  Blake Wells, politician and bachelor de jour, takes a holiday in Nassau. Soaking up the sunshine, his gaze lands on Cressida, and he follows the beauty down the beach. Blake ignores the vague warning she gives him.

MEDIEVAL:  Loyal and brave French Knight Sir Geoffroi de Tournai travels to York on the wishes of William the Conqueror. Open hatred hangs in the air toward the Normans who rule.

Everyone has an aura. Ruth Scott believes this until she crashes into a chest of muscle leaving the hospital after her mother’s passing. The handsome man attached to the carved body is Deacon Walker, and he doesn’t have an aura because he isn’t human.