Recent Reviews

Dragonsown: Surface
Erika Leigh

FANTASY: In the Kingdom of Ryk, brothers Keaton and Kael struggle in their own unique ways with the poor treatment from their father. On top of that, Kael has been struggling with a mysterious illness. Struck alternatingly by severe pain followed by fever, Kael finds himself weak. Soon, however, he runs away from the castle and discovers the truth.

FANTASY: Though Isis and Zack believe they’ve finally rid the world of the evil vampire/witch Valeria, they are proven wrong two hundred years later. Valeria has changed something in the past which is causing devastating changes in the present. Isis must track down what detail Valeria changed that has caused this frightening chain of events.

Quinn is tired of change and loves everything about Dos Fuentes, the coastal California town his father’s family has always lived in. Anna is fresh from the east, with ideas on how to improve the local Christmas Festival. Dos Fuentes is only a pit stop for Anna, but it’s life for Quinn. Can two people with such different outlooks come together to make the festival a success?

Dragon by Midnight

FANTASY: Attending the prince’s ball should help Cinderella reclaim her mother’s estate. Instead when the clock strikes midnight, she turns into a dragon. Sikandar is a sorcerer from an infamous family of assassins. He arrives at the palace seeking an artifact that could mean his redemption.

Diamonds and Dust (Gems of the West Book 1)
Marie Higgins and
Stacey Haynes

Dusty Sloan is on the trail of diamond thieves when his stagecoach is attacked. A dedicated Pinkerton agent, he can handle himself and catch his man. But dealing with Miss Callie Beckman, a beautiful woman with secrets of her own at the same time, might be the challenge Dusty didn’t know he needed. Callie desperately needs to find her missing brother without involving the law.