Recent Reviews

Maggie’s Way

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Maggie is middle aged, about to be divorced and recently diagnosed with breast cancer. It goes without saying that she is having a very difficult summer.

Shattered Memories

DYSTOPIAN:  In the near future…

Alana McCarthy has lost a year's worth of memories, her family and her freedom – the latter as a consequence of being accused of murdering her family. She is now a teenager waiting on death row, hoping to recover her memories and prove her innocence. Helping her with that is the prison psychiatrist, Daniel Costello.

Christina Connors is a woman with many secrets. It’s quite likely that one of those is responsible for her waking up in an alley, injured, next to a murder victim. Too bad she can’t remember exactly what happened.

“Saving Moirra’s Heart” is a short historical romance novella that continues the story of newlyweds Moirra and Alysander McCullum, who first became handfasted out of necessity, but soon fell deeply in love.  Moirra has been arrested for the murder of her last handfasted husband by his brother Almer

Love Me Not

Heath and his sister Penny were orphaned at a young age, and Penny was able to adopt and care for Heath for most of his childhood. She always took care of him, even into his adult life. When his wife Cassie took her life, Penny stepped in yet again, to give him work and a place to live.