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Crave the Rose

NEW ADULT:  Cassia finds herself intrigued by an Irish student named Bram while studying abroad at Oxford University.  Tough and tattooed on the outside, Cassia is much softer and more vulnerable than she pretends to be.

In 1976, heavyweight boxer Jim Jackson is diagnosed with a brain tumor and given six months to live. Deciding that 26 is too young for the ultimate KO, he turns to a radical new science called cryonics. Upon his death, he is preserved until such time his tumor can be treated.

MEDIEVAL FANTASY:  Palatina the Fae was cursed to sit in a remote cave and guard her father’s treasure for the crime she and her sisters committed against him. For centuries she has waited for someone worthy to come claim it and set her free.

Scarlet is one of the Four Horsemen - or maybe the better term is Horsewomen. As War, she and her friends protect the seals that if opened would bring the Apocalypse.

“An Unfortunate Journey: The Tale of Orion” by Sara Daniell is a sci-fi tale of a young girl whose curiosity and incorrigible behavior places her on the run from the despicable Constable and the Sphere Hunters. When her special abilities are revealed will she use them for good or evil?