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Bride by the Book

Angie Brownwood needed to find many things - a career, a life, and possibly a man. However, she knew that if she didn't make a change none of her needs would be met.

Meara Quinn is a changed girl. Leaving everything behind - home, boyfriend, former life - to follow her dad, she embarked on a new adventure of self-discovery and healing.

Trinity Liathain and Adrian O’Faerain are best friends who go to Cobalt High School in Blue Cove, a town inhabited by fae and humans alike. She is a half-Lochrann Pixie and half-Yaksha, whose parents were banished from Maeryn; he is a Dorchaign, a fae of the dark.

Nature’s Confession
J. L.

SUSPENSE THRILLER/SCI-FI:  Teenagers Boy and Valentine live in a world where “the only remaining corporate rival is Nature”.

Every young woman dreams of finding the man of her dreams, and Cecilia Fletcher is no different. Barrington Radcliffe is a man betrayed by the woman he thought loved him.