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REGENCY:  Nouveau riche Miss Lydia Norwood is not at all the “thing”, according to the London ton. Good thing for Lydia that she cares neither for them nor for their stuffy rules. She prefers climbing trees and reading books to tea parties and senseless banter.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Nicky Arviso is a police officer and shape shifter, and prefers to stay in the form of a wolf. A veteran of Afghanistan and other wars, he recognizes the smell of death when he discovers a brutal crime scene on his own property and the exploded shreds of an Other. Others are created by the Darkness and include banshees, dragons, and the Fae.


Cage fighter Caleb Hallow is focused solely on beating his opponent Austin Graves, and becoming the world champion welterweight. Destiny, however, has other plans. When Meg Riley catches her boyfriend Austin with another woman, she chases Caleb for a one-night stand to get revenge on Austin. In the morning, she finds a strange, enormous tattoo on her back.

The Island

Motivational speaker Cassidy “Cassie” Rhone meets Brody Miller at her Social Media and Branding seminar. Cassie has no idea Brody is a successful actor, and is not interested in his advances — despite his mesmerizing green eyes and handsome exterior. His persistence pays off as he tricks her into a first date and then another, finally sparking a romance between the two.

When Kiera Donnelly opens the door to let in the security man, a love from her past is the last person she expects to see. David Haggerty is still hurt, his heart shattered from her sudden disappearance thirty years ago. What he didn't know was that Kiera was forced to marry an evil man to save her father and David from certain death.