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Tell Me No Secrets

Haunted by a car accident that took her brother's life and left her sister crippled, Kate Duggan is marked by that dark day by a nasty red scar that lines her face. Guilt is heavy in her heart and she blames herself for what happened. When she starts a job at a private investigator firm, she meets Ben Parker. He is alluring, but holds secrets of a dark past.

Dan Rothberg is a successful forensic accountant. A widower with a teenage daughter, he can’t seem to escape his self-imposed miserable personal life long enough to find happiness with a woman. Hannah Cohen has a budding career in public relations and is recently back on the dating market. When she meets Dan and his daughter Tess at a JCC concert, she thinks he could he be her Mr. Right.

TIME TRAVEL:  Lady Elizabeth Kendall and her twin brothers grew up listening to the amusing tales of time travel told by their mother. As she grows older, Elizabeth wonders if the stories are as fictional as she thought. Once grown and of debutante age, Elizabeth meets the handsome Jackerson Morgan Carwyn, Duke of Whitewood, at a countryside retreat.

James Drake, Marquess of Devlin, is presumed mad after a horrendous event. Locked away in Ballencrieff Asylum, he must prove his sanity or lose his chance of freedom. Anne Winton, an outcast herself, arrives at Ballencrieff to work as an aide. She meets the Marquess during one of his dark moments and is oddly drawn to him. With Anne's help, will James be able to set aside his demons? 

TIME TRAVEL:  Jennifer Knight is a talented and accomplished actress, still landing lead roles while almost fifty. Jen is proud of her achievements but still feels something is lacking. As she approaches her fiftieth birthday, she reflects on her life, and specifically her two failed marriages. Will she ever have the chance to love again?