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Meredith Talbot has a secret. In fact, all of the orphans at Seaton House have secrets. They all have abilities that set them apart from others; talents that would label them as witches if anyone ever found out. Meredith is responsible for keeping the children safe. It's a task she’s always been good at, until marauding Indians force them out of their home and to a nearby fort.

PARANORMAL/HISTORICAL:  Three sisters, witches who have only just found each other, are forced to separate again to save themselves and their newly formed coven. Foes from the past threaten their future and to save everyone, they’ll have to chase their enemy through the folds of time itself — but revisiting the past may have dire consequences. 

FANTASY:  Bakari is the first dragon rider in centuries, but he can’t subdue the growing tensions amongst the different kingdoms of Alaris. He starts a quest to find more dragon riders, hoping to secure peace in the kingdom. Roland has control of the citadel and carefully plays both sides, but might find himself powerless to fight a deadly and hidden enemy.


Antique dealer Cami Wilson has just learned that she is a hybrid —the child of an immortal mother and a mortal father. This means she’s also assigned a guardian, and he’s super-sexy immortal Joseph Carlisle. Before meeting Cami he only considers his duty, which is to protect her.

The War Queen

FANTASY:  Altarn is the first woman to be the State Head in Blindvar. When Lord Kaelin, State Head of Ruidenthall, proposes  a merger between their states, Altarn believes he wants to take her state away and become king of both kingdoms. She rides in disguise to Luthsinia, her last ally, to ask for help.