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Tyler Kindcaide has returned to his hometown where he tries to get back his friendship with Kristen McKay. However, she wants nothing to do with him. It is frustrating, as Tyler cannot remember what happened to cause her to hate him the way she does. Kristen is confused and hurt. She has feelings for Tyler but she can't forget what happened all those years before.

Sasha, a storm sprite, delivers her baby and fears for his life. In order to protect her child, she must take him to Belyvan, her world. Unfortunately, travelling home is not easy due to the vampires and demons who would love the blood of a storm sprite child. Sasha’s mother keeps the baby while Sasha returns to Earth to find the demon who cursed her.

Letter and Lies
Colleen L.

“Don’t come, I can’t marry you.” Louise Archer is convinced that this simple sentence in a telegram from her love-letter fiancé needs clarity, and she is determined to find out in person. A train ride to Dodge City is interrupted by the lies she tells a marshal, as Louise tries to cover the true reasons for her trip.

Dark Warrior
Le Veque

Cort de Russe is one of England’s premier knights. When Irish rebels invade the de Winter family’s Irish properties, Henry Tudor comes to ask for help from his trusted friend and subject.

To Woo a Highland Warrior

When Baron Liam MacKay hears a scream in the distance, he rushes to the aid of a damsel in distress, Emeline LeClaire. But even when her tormenters are gone, she is not out of danger. When a storm hits the Scottish Highlands, Liam and Emeline must shelter up together for their safety.