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Maeve Kelly left Ireland looking for a better life in Boston. What she found was a low-paying job working laundry, barely able to pay her rent in tenement living. With few options due to the discrimination against the Irish and her cousin moving, Maeve isn’t left with any options, or so she thinks.

The small village of Stannum in Cornwall has seen better times. The tin mine that employed many of the villagers has closed leaving them all in poverty. Alexandra “Allie” Gedding and her twin brother Phillip, who has inherited Stannum House, feel the burden of their town’s demise. David Manston has secrets of his own and is content living his life in seclusion.

Charlie McKay lives happily with her daughter Mack, in a small town. She has three other sisters, also adopted by Emmit and Savannah McKay. They are grown and have their own businesses. Charlie has difficulty trusting men after a disastrous relationship with Mack’s father, who was killed years before.

Duncan MacCoinnich is heading to Inverness in order to start a new smuggling venture with the MacDonald clan. On the way to his destination, he hears a woman screaming and goes to investigate. He finds Tilda MacKenzie tied up and three British soldiers attempting to assault her. Duncan rescues her by killing one of the soldiers and chasing away the others.

Cassidy is rescued by a stranger when her castle is attacked. When she emerges from a  secret passage, everything is deathly quiet, bodies strewn everywhere. Lord Hawk discovers Cassidy and takes her to her Uncle Henry. From the beginning, Henry is abusive and plots to kill her. Deliberately abandoned by her guards while on an outing, Cassidy is attacked and nearly ravished.