Recent Reviews

SCI-FI:  When her famous older sister became queen of Kwadra Island, Marianne felt more trapped than ever as the lesser of the two.

Spare Me

A contemporary comedy like none other: bowling meets mobsters, monkeys, and machine guns! In this unique tale, three men compete to win a televised bowling tournament with a $100,000 prize, created after a shoe rental guy in an alley stops some Russian mobsters with guns from killing everyone when he throws one bowling ball.

THRILLER:  Payton Morros was raised to be a killer, and she’s very good at it. However, she isn’t comfortable with who she’s been trained to be, and yearns to be a normal teenager. Her relationship with Conner is the only escape she has and it must remain a secret.

A Journey Home

MILITARY:  Captain Stephanie Tyler has the hardest job in the Air Force. She flies overseas to retrieve and escort the bodies of fallen soldiers back home to the United States so that they are never left alone.

The Vagabond Vicar

William Brook knows he has been called by God to do great things abroad among the heathens, so when he is sent to be the new vicar in a small country parish in England he is sure that there has been a mistake.