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Jonathan has just been through an ugly divorce from a beautiful woman.  Olivia is a beautiful woman who survived an ugly childhood.

Julia is a wolf shifter - a pureblood - who has yet to find her fated mate.  While her mother rants about humans breeding with shifters, the truth is that most fated mates are humans, who then become shifters by the grace of the goddess.

In life, Osiris Cavanaugh was out for number one.  In the Afterlife, his suicide doomed him to working for Children’s Services, inhabiting the pet or stuffed animal of a dying child and escorting them to their place in the Afterlife.

EPIC FANTASY:  In the conclusion to the Follower of the Word series, Busse continues the story of four characters that have all been impacted by their deity and spiritual leader, The Word.  They could not be more different: from Caleb Tala, once a self-absorbed assassin to Guardian with Wo

Rinnie Noelle is a high school teenager who is also a member of the PSI Fighters, a group of secret guardians with psychic abilities that they use along with high tech gadgets to defend the innocent.