Wrinkles in Spacetime (Unstable States #3)

Science Fiction
Stella, a food developer, lives in the nation of Cochtonia where fertility rates are rapidly declining. The males in the nation are aiming to eliminate natural childbirth and turn to alchemy instead. Stella is on the hunt for a lab partner to aid in creating a homunculus to achieve this. Amazingly, Isaac Newton is resurrected to assist Stella with this task. The unlikely pair team up, and Stella tries desperately not to act on her developing feelings for her new lab partner, because she knows that acting on her feelings is against the law. Can she push past her feelings to work on developing a tiny human, or will her romantic ideas get the best of her and land her in a whole heap of trouble?
“Wrinkles in Spacetime” is such a unique story, albeit a little far-fetched. Ms. Haustein does a good job of telling the story between two very interesting characters. However, it leaves much to be desired. The characters are slightly annoying. For example, Stella describes having lustful feelings for Newton, but also paints him in an unflattering light when she talks about his appearance. There is also quite a bit of scientific terminology that readers may find difficult to understand. The overall premise is interesting enough, but readers may find the execution of it to be off-putting. Nonetheless, Ms. Haustein does well with her descriptive writing and creates a very good atmosphere for this cosmic story. Readers of strange, out of this world science fiction will enjoy the unique and fascinating world that Ms. Haustein has created.
Jennifer Shepherd