Salvation 1: Exodus

Kate L. Mary
Science Fiction

Tessa has come to terms with the fact that she will die when the world is destroyed. Her last salvation comes in the form of Ty who puts everything on the line to get her onto the last ship leaving earth and going into the galaxy. What was meant to be their second chance becomes a fight for their lives when everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Will Tessa and Ty be able to get the survivors of Salvation-1 to safety? Or were their fates sealed before they left earth? Who could have thought that leaving a dying planet was going to be the easiest part of the journey?
Kate L. Mary has written an awesome science fiction book that fans of the genre will love! Taking on a story where earth is destroyed is no easy task, yet it has been handled beautifully. Although the world building could have been a better, the work that has gone into creating this story speaks volumes and as the first book in the series, to say readers will be chomping at the bit for the second installment is an understatement. It can’t come soon enough and if this is the first book one reads from this author, there will be those who can’t resist reading her other books. Don’t miss out on this amazing story that gives even the best sci-fi shows a run for their money! Great writing, excellent character development and all that goes in between. Readers, settle in for the ride of a lifetime!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick