The New Empire

Alison McBain
Science Fiction

HISTORICAL: Jiangxi finds himself in a difficult situation when his father, the Emperor, dies and his brother sells him as a slave. When he reaches his destination of Wacharon, he meets the man who now owns him, Onas. He has a lot to learn and it is a shock to his system going from being an Emperor’s son, to a slave. He decides that he’s going to free as many as he can, and this in turn puts his own life in danger – as well as those around him. The question is, will Jiangxi succeed in freeing his fellow countrymen from their shackles, or will they be forced to remain enslaved until their dying day?

To say this is a rollercoaster of a book is an understatement. The book takes history and turns it on its head, but does so beautifully and it is crystal clear that Alison McBain is not only a talented writer, but also has a great imagination when it comes to building an alternate world with aspects of history thrown in. There are so many fascinating aspects to this book that it is difficult to list each and every one, but intriguing, fascinating and emotional are only some of the words that can be used to describe this novel. For fans of science fiction and historical, don’t delay in downloading this one to the e-reader. It is a wild ride, and one that will linger in the mind for a long while after putting it down! 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick