Leviticus (Dictates of the Servators Book 1)

Kallen Samuels
Science Fiction

Servators, servants of the Maker, strive to maintain order against incursion by Breachers, who sow chaos. They wage a secret high-tech war, vying to recruit the best young minds to further their causes. Leviticus Radix, a Computational Engineering student in his final year at the prestigious Denmount Court of Learning, has caught the interest of both sides. Lev is a genius, and his facial recognition program could change the balance of power if it falls into the wrong hands. Dangerous decisions present themselves to Lev, his best friend Nico, Lev’s school rival Kade, and Kayla, the young Servator novice who was charged with vetting Lev. If Breachers gain the upper hand, the spreading chaos could trigger a great Flood to wash the world of wickedness. Which side will prevail?


“Leviticus” is an alternative retelling of biblical history set in a technologically advanced antediluvian world. At times, one can stumble on descriptions of the complicated technology, perhaps serving to enhance the messianic stature of Lev’s eidetic memory and supercomputing pattern recognition. Lev, Nico, Kade, and Kayla are discovering their purposes, choosing their stance against good and evil, and shaking off the blinders of their childhoods. Their multiple points of view sometimes do not flow in unison, but the narrative otherwise reads with unpretentious ease. Light on romance, the imaginative world building and sympathetic young protagonists are perfect for a Young Adult audience. The prophecy driven plot and cool gadgets will appeal to fans of Asimov, Herbert, and the Wachowskis. As Book One of a trilogy, “Leviticus” does not end with a firm conclusion, instead it entices with the promise of more to come.


Joan Lai