The Golden Cage

Kate L. Mary
Science Fiction

For centuries, the island of Sansara has been cut off from the rest of the world, choosing to keep its distance from the rest of society. There, they have gotten the role of women down to a science – quite literally. At the tender age of six, girls are classified and separated to perform their chosen duties. For some, that might mean taking care of a house and husband; for others, it is to be beautiful and adored, while still others are forced into hard labor behind the scenes. Elora, Rose, and Odette are three different women with three very different dreams who live polar-opposite lives. As they rise above, desperate to gain their version of happiness, each must choose to succumb to the system that made them – or break free from its grasp.

“The Golden Cage” is rich in detail and drama, making it a book to savor! The dystopian setting isn’t bogged down with extra information, giving the readers just enough to make the world real without it being boring. These women are featured as leads, and each has her own unique journey as she tries to survive the devastating world they live in. Ms. Mary has a poetic way with words which creates a beautiful flow on the page. There is a lot going on, so much so it’s almost impossible to fit it all into one book! Readers will become absorbed in the stories of Odette, Elora, and Rose, and root for their happiness. It should be noted that there are triggers for sexual assault present in the novel. Overall, this is a gem that will resonate with readers long after they turn the last page!

Chelsea Andersen