Glacial Heat (Fantasy Resorts Book 3)

Lizzy Gayle
Science Fiction

When Rosi Sanchez wins an all-expenses-paid dream vacation to the Glacial Palace Resort in the Arctic, she expects to have the expedition of a lifetime. What she doesn’t plan for is the intense attraction she feels toward the resort’s handsome poster-boy, Austin Cooper. She also doesn’t expect how the mysteries the Arctic holds in its depths pull her in. Meeting Rosi is not what Austin Cooper planned for the resort’s grand opening, but the chemistry between him and Rosi is undeniable. When strange things start happening at the resort, putting the guests in danger, Austin and Rosi find themselves thrust together, and they take it upon themselves to uncover the secrets of the Glacial Palace Resort. But Austin has a deadly secret of his own that might just unravel the bond he’s formed with Rosi and destroy the one chance they both have to find real love. 

This sci-fi romance keeps the reader on their toes from start to finish. Set in the twenty-second century, the Arctic resort setting is the perfect blend of modern times and advanced technology. The story is told from both Rosi and Austin’s points of view, and the steamy chemistry between the two characters is enough to satisfy any romance reader’s needs. “Glacial Heat” dives into the mysteries of the unknown with a mythological twist toward the Inuit cultures, while still maintaining all the elements of a enthralling modern romance. For lovers of sci-fi, mythology, and hot romance, this novel is sure to be hit!

Nicole Harlowe