The End of Never (Chronicles of Ithical Book 2)

Tamara Grantham
Science Fiction

Sabine Harper returns to Ithical to find the rare ore cerecite. While it can be used for healing and increasing energy, it can also be used for evil, and that’s what Sabine believes is going on. In her hunt to find the cerecite, another situation arises that requires her attention. When an incident leads Sabine to believe that someone might be trying to destroy Ithical, it is a race against time to figure out who is behind everything that has been going on. They have to figure out who is trying to destroy the shield generators before Ithical is gone. Will Sabine and her friends be able to figure out who is responsible and save Ithical? Or are they doomed to fail and watch Ithical be destroyed?

Tamara Grantham has written an enjoyable second novel to her Chronicles of Ithical series and has built a fascinating world that readers can escape to for a few hours. There is an interesting array of characters and an interesting whodunnit which holds on until the end. There are a lot of nice aspects to the world-building and a great plot that moves at an even pace. It would be a good idea to go back to the first book in the series to learn a little more about what’s going on. It’ll be great to see where it goes from here. But those who have read book one will enjoy this next instalment. “The End of Never” is one to download to the e-reader this spring season. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick