Dark Star (Dark Star Warriors #1)

Science Fiction

Kate used to be an ordinary girl from Earth, but one day she was taken from her home by a group of large male aliens. After two years of imprisonment, she finds herself in an even bigger predicament: she is pregnant with an alien baby. From the day she is captured she is told she would be killed if she ever fell pregnant, and now she must run for her life. When she runs into Axel, another alien male who swears to protect her, she must decide if she can really trust him. As they both fight to travel to Earth, their trust is put to the ultimate test.

The beginning of “Dark Star” starts off with a bang, jumping straight into the plot at hand; however, it is incredibly abrupt– too abrupt. One moment two sisters are enjoying each other's company and joking about running into aliens, then out of nowhere, one of the sisters is coincidentally abducted by a group of aliens and is threatened with not getting pregnant. The relationship between Kate, Axel, and Kyle is also a bit odd for a girl who was abducted and held hostage by the same alien species for two years. The world building is great, especially the details that go into creating the alien species; however, many of the chapters feel disjointed because of how much is going on at one time. The ending also feels out of place as the focus shifted entirely. Overall, the writing and creativity are evident and if the chapters would be a little less packed with information, it would be a more interesting read.

Sadie Wilson