Coup de Grâce

Paul L. Centeno
Science Fiction

The world is an extremely difficult place to live in. Kaimo de Morté is an optometrist but cannot afford to start his own business so he makes do with what he can. Little does he know that an encounter will change everything he knows and pull him into a battle that could see all life around the world eradicated. While he has absolutely no idea what he is doing, Kaimo will discover more about himself than he ever thought possible and he will not only have to fight for his life, but for the future of mankind. Will Kaimo be able to help save mankind? Or will he perish along with everyone else in the world?

“Coup de Grâce” is a fascinating book which fans of steampunk will devour and adore. The descriptions are great and really help to build an image of the world in the readers mind. Kaimo is an interesting character who finds himself throughout the book after a little bit of a rough start. The book has a real regular guy to hero feel and Paul Centeno has done an awesome job of building a world and characters that create a great story and has a lot of themes and aspects going on within it. This is definitely one of those books that sci-fi lovers will adore and enjoy with a cup of tea on a lovely spring night or even by the fire under a blanket. Beware, it is a page turner and hard to put down.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick