Coup de Grâce

Paul L. Centeno
Science Fiction

SCI-FI: The world is dying. Machines and industry are taking over and polluting the land. The ways of the old gods and nature are dying off too with this dramatic change. Kaimo, an optometrist who doubles as a miner to get by, has never known another life despite often dreaming for one. A chance encounter with rebels trying to shift the direction of the world sends him on a dangerous quest that will thrust him into the middle of one of the greatest political games of all time. In his hands lies the fate of the world.

Mr. Centeno creates a lush and wild world in “Coup de Grâce”! Readers dive right into rich world building as they are introduced to Kaimo. The author makes it easy to visualize this unique setting, and does so in a believable way. The beginning is a tad bit slow as all of the necessary pieces are moved into place, and then the plot starts on quite the adventure. Diving into this tale full of twists and turns, readers will have a hard time telling what will happen next. There are plenty of crazy, unique characters and creatures. Steampunk is a complicated world to set up, and Mr. Centeno accomplishes it with ease! There is a perfect blend of action, humor, and drama! It’s also a blend of several genres: science fiction, fantasy, and suspense!

Rob Jones gives a strong performance. His connection to Kaimo makes it easy for readers to relate to the character. The pacing is spot on, making the slower parts move at a better speed, and adding urgency to the high tension moments. His voice work for the other characters is distinct, each having their own personality showcased, making it easy to tell who is speaking. This audiobook is perfect for lovers of epic, character-driven stories!

Chelsea Andersen