Alien’s Temptation (Earth Brides & Alien Warriors #3)

Science Fiction

Jane is the captain of Earth’s moon base, and she has been assigned to go on a mission with a Rhonar Warrior named Tor to locate ergamite. The treaty between Earth and the Rhonar Warriors is dependent upon them finding this, so despite their differences, they must work together. Tor can be pretty domineering at times, and Jane is very put off by this regardless of the lustful feelings that are growing inside of her. In spite of his demeanor, Tor is quite smitten with Jane, and well aware that they are fated mates. Follow Jane and Tor as they travel the galaxy together and try to ignore their lustful thoughts for each other while also experiencing some out of this world encounters with some unusual creatures.

“Alien’s Temptation” is a steamy, dual-perspective science fiction romance following a very unlikely pair. The very snarky banter between Jane and Tor is amusing to read. The relationship between the two develops rather quickly, more lust than love, and may be off-putting to some readers. The history of the previous books in the series is described to the reader, albeit not as detailed as it could have been, but it still allows for this book to be read as a standalone. There are a lot of sexually explicit scenes throughout the book. Some are rather comical, and all of them are very graphic. The plotline of the story is interesting enough, but it’s pretty ambitious for such a short book. However, readers are sure to enjoy this story that is filled with space adventures, aliens, and a very hot and steamy romance!

Jennifer Shepherd