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Birk Bane and Sheena MacRae loved each other once, and planned to do so for the rest of their lives. However, when Birk, second son of the Laird, was accused of a crime he did not commit, Sheena helped him escape without knowing if she would ever see him again. Five years later, Sheena has lost all hope of ever seeing Birk again.

Lina Bright is a successful woman who is about to undergo artificial insemination. She was adopted by a wealthy couple as an infant, but she is determined to learn more about her birth parents. She visits her biological mother in the English village of Oldcastle, where she hopes to discover her father's identity.

Erin Fowler left Silver Springs because of a broken heart. When she returns she is in an accident, which brings her face to face with the man who made her leave in the first place. Jackson Roberts cannot believe that the victim of the serious accident is the woman whose heart he broke all those years ago.

Evander is cursed with immortality and an eternal lust that cannot be satisfied — or so he thinks. The only being that can quiet his insatiable desire is a sexy vampire named Bremusa.  Too bad she is also responsible for the death of Evander’s friend Orestes.  All this and an apocalypse too... what are immortal beings to do?

GEORGIAN:  Lady Joanna West is not a typical smuggler.  As a member of the aristocracy, her main goal in life is to marry exceedingly well and produce heirs — instead, she risks her reputation smuggling goods into England to help the poor.  She can trust no one with her secret, especially not a pirate like Jean Donet.