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The Royal Wizard

The King of Wilderheim is ready to retire, and his son, Prince Saeran, is preparing to ascend the throne.  As the realm gets a new monarch, Prince Saeran gets a new royal wizard, Nia.  Their first meeting gets off to a humorous start when she briefly turns him into a toad, but they quickly fall into an easy wo

Sarah Fay

FANTASY:  Under the rule of usurper King Luther, the kingdom of Asteria is at unrest.

Dangled Carat

MEMOIR:  Hilary is patiently waiting for her long-term boyfriend Marc to propo

WESTERN:  Gallagher's Pride #1:  Brenna Cameron arrives in Montana to find her

Stacey is about to lose her historical property. Bitter Thorn Grove History Center, just outside of Tampa, has been in the family for hundreds of years. Just as she begins to have strange dreams, a handsome stranger, Aaron Fielding, shows up.