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Ella Valentine lost her other half when her twin brother passed away while they were in college. When she lost him she also lost herself.

I Do- Or Do I?

Cassie suffered a major heart break when her fiancé Jared broke their engagement to pursue a career in photography. After finally getting back on her feet Cassie says yes to a marriage proposal from a reliable, big-name lawyer named Timothy. Unfortunately, Timothy comes with a controlling mother who wants an extravagant wedding for her son.

Dark Season

Ella Arlington has been told her entire life that her epilepsy is a taint in her blood and will prevent her from ever having a normal life.

The Duke’s Last Hunt
Rosanne E.

After three seasons, Eliza Malcolm despairs of finding a husband.

Wedding planner Adri Pyper has been looking forward to her trip to Hawaii for the destination wedding of her clients Malia and Kyle.  It’s not all leis and last-minute arrangeme