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Highland Deception

Scotland, 1725

FANTASY:  Redlynn of Volkzene is a were hunter. When wolves kidnap a dozen young girls from her village, she’s beyond ready to hunt down the elusive King of The Wolves, kill him and rescue everyone.

SPECULATIVE FICTION:  Battles, life, death, love and friendship have shaped Semara in a way the Queen could have never foreseen. Now, the time has come for the final battle – will the Triune be able to free everyone, as was foretold? Will they survive the attacks, betrayals, and most of all – each other?

Discovering Daniel

When Ava McCoy remembers having a near-death experience at sea when she was nine years old, she becomes determined to find her rescuer.  As determined as Ava is, her uncle and father are as equally so; wanting to keep old family secrets hidden and to stop her from opening old wounds and re-hatching old feuds. Headstrong and determined, she discovers more than what she had anticipated - her resc

Detective Tony Mariani is back on the job after a leave of absence, pursing the theft of a blue diamond that once belonged to Leonardo Da Vinci. Meanwhile Tamara Yonnua, a Russian assassin, discovers love for the first time and must keep her true occupation hidden from her new beau Simon.