Recent Reviews

Francine Larabee is very much a 21st century woman.  Career minded and driven, she has her life planned out perfectly.  But, in the aftermath of a car accident, she wakes to find herself in someone else's body, in the wrong time, and most definitely the wrong place.  Under the care of the forbidding Duke of Roxbury she is surrounded by strangers, bound by rules she cannot comprehend, and drawn

The Carbon Trap

Maldives, the near future:  The most influential people in the world are meeting and deciding whether or not to implement a system of measures to fight the global warming, that is, to declare CO2 an enemy.  What most of them don’t know is that this isn’t about saving the world…It’s about money and power, and Alexis Swanson wants to have both.

The Attaché

Zach Brenner is serving his country with financial motives when disaster hits taking a prized possession, his sight. Mr. Bond carefully walks us through those early days of a new disability with obvious knowledge of what he speaks. The denial, anger and depression are real, causing the reader to hope Zach can accept his new life and find meaning in it.


Maddie Leclair is a sportswriter for the Post newspaper traveling with professional baseball’s Philadelphia Patriots.  Jake Miller has been sidelined after an injury but his return to the big league is headline news for sports fans. Keen to enhance her career, Maddie angles an interview with one of baseball’s hottest stars.

Following the death of his wife, Sir Edward (Ned) Chambers has been celibate for three years. He arrives in London to lease a house for the Season for his seventeen year-old daughter's coming-out. Viscount Ludovic DeVere, Ned's best friend, is keen to see him start living again.