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Train Station Bride

Being the plump, unattractive daughter in a family of beauties, Julia Crawford's only chance at marriage is as a mail-order bride. Having secretly corresponded with fifty year-old shopkeeper Jacob Snelling, Julia boards a train for South Dakota, leaving her family in Boston unaware of her plans.


Olive was living the life of a "Librarian Spinster" with no surprises left - everything was already planned out for her by a society that had written her out.  She was on the sidelines watching others "live" their life filled with husbands, children and love.  She never thought that a letter asking her to come and rescue her brother's children would change her life and lead her on a path she ne

Alexi is a vampire who did the forbidden thing and fell in love with a mortal. Not only that but he dared to have a child with her. This has made a lot of people unhappy.

Requiem for the Undead

Gabriella is a beautiful, courageous woman who searches for and finds ancient texts of all races, so that their histories are preserved. Her latest quest has her searching for an ancient religious text. It is her duty to her people and her grandfather to find this text and guard it so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. 

The Lady of Gladstone Manor

Jackson Belle, a famous architect and landscape designer is rather satisfied with his life. He loves his job and he’s been in a serious relationship with a woman he loves for the last three years. If only he could actually propose to said woman, everything would be perfect.