Recent Reviews

Xen'tarza (Book Three of the Twelve Dimensions)
Paul L. Centeno
Narrator: Courtney Holly

Shirakaya and her crew of Shadow Mercs continue their adventure through the galaxy! Stars are disappearing across the universe, and with them the livelihoods of solar systems, and the possibilities those stars once held.

Samurai Tales: Legend of the Great Black Bear
Timothy Levester McCallum
Narrator: Lauren Garvin

FANTASY: The world is at war. Chaos reigns supreme, and a barbaric army known as The Creed is bent on taking control of the Great Continent. Only one hero is capable of saving the world from this heinous clan: The Great Black Bear. In order to do so, he must come into full power and knowledge of the magic within him.

The Christmas Pact

Determined Noelle Allred sets her sights on skipping Christmas now that her sweet Gran-gran is gone. Focused on work, Noelle attempts to avoid her family’s myriad of Christmas traditions. However, temptation to make a little extra money at work squashes her personal pact.

Mary Anne felt she needed to flee the coal-covered streets of Scranton, leaving behind her lifelong friend Ravlen, her bobble-brained sister Bobby Sue, drunken father, trouble making twin brothers, and enabling mother. In her quest, she has agreed to be a mail order bride to an aged rancher in Idaho.

HISTORICAL/PARANORMAL: Rumors have circulated for years that Lady Miriam can see the future. When an attempted kidnapping goes wrong, Captain Sam Burke is sent to her estate to determine her abilities and to protect her if necessary. Sam has been on numerous assignments and has a past of his own.