Recent Reviews

PARANORMAL:  Minerva Ferguson has been working hard as a military historian and is so close to her PhD. She has tried to please her advisor and is continually told to edit her dissertation, while teaching her classes and those of her advisor.

Batter Up

Buttermilk Falls, New York is the setting.  A small-time quaint town, Buttermilk Falls has one bakery, with a fun Monday night event for bachelors only called “Batter Up”. When a lucky bachelor is chosen, the name of an eligible bachelorette who is a good match, appears in the cupcake batter.

Eva is a recently widowed mom living in Santa Monica with her 8yr old son.  She is working hard to drum up graphic design work to support them after being widowed.  She was left with nothing but a court battle and legal issues with a business deal gone wrong.  Her best friend Nina has recommended her to her brother Max who has recently written a book and needs her help to launch his first work.

To Have and To Hold

NEW ADULT:  Colin MacLann is part of all American Brooklyn family and has always been a stand out. He is part of a loving family and has a tight knit group of friends. He was a high school football star and also in a rock band with his friends. Now it’s his wedding day.

And the rebellious angels were cast from Heaven - or so the story is commonly told.  A few among the banished realized they had been misled. They lost their wings and were given a new purpose - to stop the Fallen and their minions from spreading their evil.