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It’s the late 1970’s and there is a lot going on in the world of investment real estate, rife with mergers and greed. CapVest has much success due to the way the company has been run and with five majority partners all on the same page.

Flirting with Magick

Spell or no spell, when two soul mates are connected there is magic!


Storm Morgeaux and her sisters have a commercial contracting business. The project they were awarded is a clinic being started by Dr. Nathan Davis. The business is just getting started and they need to make this job happen to keep them all afloat.

The Battle (Children of Annwn #2)
Jennifer Owen

In her effort to save the human realm, Mia has become locked out of Annwn without her magic and unable to defend herself when her enemy Greyson comes calling once more.

Heather Meadows is trying to move on after the death of her husband by writing her love story, but she’s having trouble doing so when he died so unexpectedly and so young. Being a widowed mother of three children wasn’t part of her plans either.