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Marcus and Tande are explosive whenever they breathe the same air. Somewhere, TX isn’t a vague description, but where they both grew up. Marcus became a deputy. Tande wanted more and left her roots behind.

Emerald Fire
Suzanne M.

The streets of Columbus are dangerous. Vampires, werewolves and a cop consultant with magical powers known as the Blushing Death, aka Dahlia Sabin, is one lucky lady!

Ada Hastings is journalist on vacation looking to enjoy nature and have a quiet relaxing time.  It is while she’s enjoying nature that she stumbles upon a bear in the New Zealand rainforest. Surprise, shock and a low tree limb combine to literally knock Ada off her feet.

Beautiful and refined, Josephine LaPierre travels from New Orleans to the Dumont Ranch in Texas to marry a man she’s never met.

Asylum Harbor

Devon Brown decides to make a clean break with her past.  What better place to go than a small town on an island off the east coast named Asylum Harbour?  Bartending is what she knows best and so she accepts a job working at the Salty Dog.  It seems like the perfect place to be anonymous un