Recent Reviews

Casablanca: Appointment at Dawn
Linda Bennett

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  It’s 1943 and OSS Officer Kurt Heinz knows his duty. He’s determined to complete any mission necessary to protect U.S efforts in Casablanca, even if that means impersonating his cousin.

Magic Sometimes Happens

Rosie Denham spent a year in Paris that ended with a mistake that has left her grieving. When her friend Tess invites her to visit and meet her new husband Ben, Rosie decides to take the chance to get away before starting up her new PR business.

Christmas Pact
Saundra Staats

CHRISTIAN:  Carrie Emeline found love during wartime. Years later, her marriage is falling apart and she is no longer certain what to do. Haunted by nightmares her husband Marcus has turned to drink and violence, instead of facing the ghosts left over from the war.

Stepping Stones

PARANORMAL:  Onnaleigh Moore is plagued by tragedy after tragedy as her parents face divorce and her brother is killed in a car accident. With grief threatening to destroy her, a boy shows up just when she needs him - but there is something strange about Everett.

After another failed relationship with a “snowman” hot guy that loved her and left her, Haley Monroe’s friend Maximilian tells her to learn from her mistakes by becoming a snowman herself. However, Haley takes it too far and chooses a target that she may not want to leave. Horror author Larry White attended Maximilian’s séance as research for his books.