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WESTERN:  Delaney McCall once wore a crown. Now she’s dealing with bulls. She also handles bovines.

Kierra needs closure and decides it's time to return to a place she once called home - a small town in Southern Illinois, where ten years earlier her world turned upside down. At the age of sixteen Kierra was left all alone.

Changes of the Heart

Grace is now single after a recent breakup and needs a new start. She finds an old farmstead within her budget and decides to go for it.

Redeeming the Night

It has been forty years since Ashley has joined the sisterhood, whose goal is to remove the dregs of society by removing the most corrupt men’s souls.

Lay Me Down
Tamara Hart

PARANORMAL:  Lonely and abused Virginia teen, Kylee, can’t wait to escape from her life, but loathes the idea of leaving her mother with her abusive stepfather. When Price moves in next door, she hopes to befriend him.