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Maddi Brooks likes her routine; it's predictable and doesn't open her up to having relationships with anyone. She likes spending her time making jewelry and selling it with the occasional run for exercise.

Amber has been struggling to keep her recently discovered powers at bay. She is concerned that she has the potential to hurt the ones she loves the most.

CHICK-LIT:  Anna never thought she would see her first love, Erick Walsworth, again, so she is beyond surprised when she finds out he is stationed back in their hometown.

United (Exalted #3)

DYSTOPIAN:  After the fall of man, how does a society learn from its mistakes and build again?  Take the most intelligent, or Exalted, rid them of the deadly emotions and teach them to lead.

Currents of Change

On the run from her abusive husband, Sarah O’Neil settles in her family's old, forgotten home, in an obscure village in New Zealand.  Although barely habitable, Sarah looks forward to the challenge of reclaiming it.  Very soon, however,