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Faith Cameron has been fostered by the Pendray family for a few years. She was rescued by Gray Pendray after her father was executed for treason and her mother committed suicide, and she has never forgotten about him. For the last few years, Gray has been a spy for the Scottish Council. When he comes home, he sees how Faith has blossomed into a beautiful young woman.

Nikki Garcia, a private investigator at Security Solutions in Miami, is escaping to Spain with her fiancé Eduardo. She has just closed a life-threatening case in Mexico and needs this time to recover and finally get married and attend her cousin’s wedding. As she reconnects with her aunt and cousin, she isn’t able to let her guard down because she fears she is being followed.

Love and Ohana Drama
Cora Fletcher has everything the way she wants it. She’s just broken up with Jackson, her too-adventurous-for-her boyfriend. She is loving her job in public relations and in her downtime she can unashamedly curl up with a good book. With her best friend and roommate, Fran, and her cat, Kiwi, by her side, she is living her best life; until she opens an email from her mom.

FANTASY/HISTORICAL:  Fingan is a young man in sixth century Ireland trying to find his own way. Suffering from an abusive father and brothers, a mother who looks the other way and a grandmother who disappeared, Fingan escaped his home life and has learned to fend for himself.

The Other Magic

EPIC FANTASY:  This book follows three main characters, each of whom come from a very different background:  Kibure, a slave, is caught wielding some kind of magic which isn’t allowed; Aynward, a prince and a bit of a rebel, is taking classes at the university,  Grobennar is a high priest with an amulet that talks to his mind and in some scenes steals the show.  There are secondary characters w