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Sasha (Sasha #1)

Sasha needs a ballroom dance partner. He believes he has found not only his partner, but his soul mate in Rory. She is everything he wants and reminds him of a love he once lost in Russia. Rory has issues of her own to overcome, demons that she must face in order to finally be happy.

Chris and Jasmine Navarro seem to have it all - great jobs and the house in the suburbs - however there is one thing missing. Despite their best efforts to get pregnant, they get devastating news from the fertility clinic that Chris cannot have kids. Kyle has everything he thinks he could ever want as well, a great job and a different woman in his bed every night.

Thieves Honor

HISTORICAL/REGENCY/FANTASY:  Em Stackpole is a criminal - one who is able to infiltrate the upper society of London and use it to her advantage.

The Goddess Particle

Mandy found her saviors when she was saved by Swithin and his father. Their lives haven't been the same since. Her mind is powerful and she needs to keep those hunting her from obtaining that power.

Visual Effects
Joyce M.

Drey Winston starts a new job which she's hoping will challenge her. However, it turns out that the challenge will be resisting her boss! Jesse Devlin is relentless in his pursuit of Drey. The longer they work together, the more they find it harder to fight their feelings for one another. Jesse doesn't usually do feelings - he's more a one night stand type of guy.