Recent Reviews

Light At The End
Henry G. M.

PARANORMAL: Gordon Fulmer is a good father. But he failed his son when he lost Wyatt to a parent’s worst nightmare—a child’s death. Now, Wyatt is asking him to combat the evil that preys on society’s most innocent and helpless citizens, the same evil that stole him from Gordon. Wyatt silently points the way from beyond the grave, leading Gordon from one target to the next.

Her Dark Star
Marj W.

SUSPENSE: Finnan Dark Star, once a powerful and philandering warlock, has been trapped inside a magical crystal ball for a thousand years. He was outsmarted by his lover for possession of a prized grimoire and ended up imprisoned by her. Now he is a disembodied consciousness with nothing but the time to watch the world go by.

Gambling on Her Bear (Shifters in Vegas Book 2)
Anna Lowe
Narrator: Kelsey Osborne

PARANORMAL: Karen Proulx is a diamond thief—and a half-witch, half-dragon shifter. She’s in Vegas on a mission, to steal one of the most beautiful gems in existence. To have it would be a true prize. Unfortunately, it’s being held in the vaults of a casino run by vampires.

Luring Levi (Tarnished Saints 2)
Elizabeth Rose
Narrator: Brian J. Gill

CONTEMPORARY: After spending seven years in jail for tax fraud, Levi Taylor wants to start fresh and put his past behind him. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. With no money and not many other options, he makes his way back to his hometown to live with his brother until he can get his life back together. In a strange twist of fate, he becomes the town’s new mayor.

Lost Love's Return
Alfred Nicols
Narrator: Eric Altheide

HISTORICAL: During World War I, Elizabeth never expected to meet the man she loved in the field. Working as a nurse, the young British woman meets Peter—an American. As she treats his wounds, the two begin to fall for one another—then Peter is sent home unexpectedly at the end of the war.