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Cage is pleased with his life. His career as a hockey player is looking up, and his best friend is back from a year long stay in Europe. True, their parting wasn’t the smoothest, but now that she’s back, well it will surely be as good as it once was. 

After an unfortunate ending to a relationship topped with the return of old nightmares, Maddie Browne decides to go visit her old friend Cayla and her husband Wes - just so she can relax and come to terms with her life.

Barbed Wire and Daisies

DYSTOPIAN:  What would happen to the world if the oil supply stopped overnight? Hunger strikes, looting and violence take over, and the cities are overrun by people who would stop at nothing to get some food in their bellies.

Obsession Down Under

Jessica Butler-Reid fears she’ll step into her mother’s footsteps - organizing bake-offs and gathering money for the church’s charities, all the while playing devoted wife to her minister husband.

Dangerous Secrets

REGENCY:  “Dangerous Secrets” takes place in Italy in the 1820s, and the book makes good use of its setting, describing Rome in vivid detail, and adding in the conflict between the various city-states and the frequent power struggles, creating a turbulent environment for the heroine, Nora Haley.