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Wendy’s Pirates

Traveling home from London, Wendy Darling has a chance encounter with a dashingly handsome naval officer that leads both into each other’s company repeatedly.  As kind and chivalrous as Captain John Hooke is, however, Wendy refuses to be charmed.  Wendy’s secrets and broken heart demand that she stay very far away from any naval man, and most especially one who seems to be the answer to her dre

Moving to a new town to escape a traumatic near-death experience has left Madeleine shell-shocked and leery of everyone, especially the small-town gossips she has encountered. Finding that many are welcoming of her special abilities, but unaware she is a spell-casting witch, Madeleine wonders if she would still be so accepted in Hillendale if  people found out what she really was capable of.

Shelene Hightower would love nothing more than to be able to spend the rest of her days with Roman Forrester, a spy for the Crown of England. Refusing to live the same lonely life her mother did, Shelene refused Roman’s proposal when they were younger.

The Curse of Morton Abbey

HISTORICAL: Vaughan Springthorpe knows Sir Peter Spencer’s offer of employment is too good to be true. Women aren’t allowed to be proper Solicitors, but with her father’s training, and desperate to avoid being dependent on her family, Vaughan takes the job anyway.

Hannah McGibbon is running out of options in St. Louis, after the death of her father reveals debts no one knew of prior. In a moment of desperation, she applies to a matchmaking service hoping to find a husband far from home where she can escape her father’s poor reputation. Rancher Seth Temple needs a mother for his young son.