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P/UF:  Lena Castamolino struggles with a bizarre problem: every full moon, her skin changes into something like leather and she’s been growing wings. The only change she can attribute these phenomena to is her recent move to Rome. Enter Sergio Monseratti, a shifter threatened with exile from his beloved city if he can’t take down a powerful mafia boss.

How does one protect his beloved stepdaughter from a fate worse than hell: marriage to an evil heir’s son? Well, send her to the Lyon’s Den, of course. As unusual as it sounds, on his deathbed, that’s what Sir William Ashby does. Mrs. Bessie Dove-Lyon runs a gaming hall but is also very good at matchmaking.

Widows of Somerset (Timeless Regency Collection Book 15)
Rebecca Connolly, Jen Geigle Johnson,
Heather B. Moore

REGENCY:  A collection of three stories sharing the theme of Regency widows who find themselves destitute. “An Heir to Spare” features Lady Lyndham, who is dealing not only with grief, but the reality she is about to become homeless. In steps former clergyman, Ned Richards, to “save the day”, and of course, pursue the widow romantically.

An old affair flaring to life is a surprise no one wants for Christmas, yet that’s what both Lady Amelia and the Marquess of Winchester find coming their way. After an affair with an abrupt ending, they haven’t seen each other in thirteen years. But the heart never forgets, and the minute the two are flung together once more, they may as well be under hanging mistletoe.

Delphi Dersingham’s obsession is with history—so much so that she’s tittered away the last several seasons without even attempting to find a husband. The only man who seems to understand her passion toyed with her, then disappeared without a word.